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Aspatria Dreamscheme is a youth focused charity (No: 1142978) based in the small rurally isolated town of Aspatria in the north-west of Cumbria, the purpose of the project has always been to work with young people over the medium to long term to raise aspirations, improve social welfare and build their mental resilience. The project does this through providing activities that challenge their view of the world and offers them the opportunities to grow and achieve in a safe constructive environment. Our work primarily focuses on disadvantaged young people between the ages of 11-19yrs , those we work with have few education or employment opportunities, are largely isolated from wider society beyond the boundaries of the town and are starved of the recreational and leisure choices which are taken for granted by young people in larger communities. Many display emotional problems and behavioural issues and lack of belief in them-selves or in any potentially brighter future.